The Ultimate Vape Pen Guide That Took Over 2017

You can learn amazing facts about vaporizers or learn 5 facts about vape pens  in this lengthy ultimate vape pen guide we have for 2016 that might help you understand the very popular products of the vaporizer pen industry, and how they’re beneficial to anyone that wants to take the initiative to become an owner of a quality vape pen. There’s lots of different people online that have mixed feelings and opinions about vape pens that are a big misnomer and aren’t knowledge enough to understand the real truth about vape pens.

Most people have bad habits and can’t kick it. There really isn’t any solid solutions for consumers to choose that will be able to help break the habit so there really is lots of lost hope among the millions of Americans that have to put up with different combustion methods and further insist on damaging their respiratory system. Fortunately there are tools that do not need a flame to be able to receive the same exact results as the person is trying to utilize. There’s an invention that became popular back in the early 2000’s called vape pens.

When Were Vape Pens Invented?

  • Vape Pens emerged in late 2007 to Become an in-Demand vape Device which were Overpriced But Would Sell Fast and Were very Effective.

It is a misnomer to think vape pens are e-Cigarettes, there are to many differences. Vape pens were invented in late 2007 and sold for triple the price to what they’re selling for in 2016. New technology has allowed us to create vape pens to where there’s many different variables now including; atomizers, heating coils, battery, charging mechanisms, viscosity adjustments, temperature control, stainless steel and titanium exterior design, herbs, oils, wax capabilities as well as many more advanced methods that will end up displacing e-Cigarettes to where they’re becoming a thing of the past as vape pens have been crowned its own title to being the go-to vaporizer of this generation and further.

Pen vaporizers are the result of a genius invention that was trying to discover the secret formula to help people kick the habit without damaging anyone’s respiratory system while getting a tasteful and new way of inhaling an active ingredient to fulfill ones habit. They were first called e-Cigarettes and was a huge success. As heavy demand came through there were always dozens of thoughts of how to innovate these new inventions that help people save their lives. Initially the costs were so expensive that many people looked the other way and didn’t even give these devices a chance. Once there was good reviews as the popularity began to skyrocket, there was lots of sales that lead to bigger and better innovations.

Fast-Forwarding to late 2007, there was a big invention that used more technology and had lots of battery life as this invention made it possible for consumers to load their e-Liquids into a tank to be able to store it for later use. These are called atomizers and once the pen vaporizer was perfected, we started to see unique developments in vape pens to where we started to get more technology within these devices and more advanced knowledge into how to make these things less expensive.

As popularity grew when vape pens began to be in very large demand, we started to see inventions that made vape pens possible to be able to vaporize different substances other than e-Liquids. Waxes, herbs and concentrates were now accepted to be able to be vaped. The costs were tremendous, we saw herbal vape pens that retailed for over $200. These same devices are now selling for $50 because of the very advanced developments in pen vaporizers. We are now seeing these devices become very technologically developed to where we are seeing new heating advancements.

Benefits Of Vape Pens

What Are The Main Benefits OF Vape Pens?

  • Vape pens are very benficial to anyone needing to vaporize herbs, oils and waxes. The main benefits to vape pens are the size, most vape pens can simply fit and be hidden within the palm of your hand. Vape pens can fit inside your pocket or purse making it easy for these small vaporizers to travel anywhere with them, Versatility is big role in the benefits on vape pens. Having Vape pen kits to vaporize herbs, oils, waxes and concentrates is a huge factor in the easy and portability factor for making these units very demanding so all consumers can have a better way-of-life regardless of what they have to vaporize


Being one of the most beneficial types of vaporizers made, vape pens are a very versatile medical hot-air-generator that makes it easy for anyone to travel around and use them on-the-go anywhere they may need to use. These devices are easy-to-operate and make it hassle free on the user as most kits contain tools to make loading on the go a breeze regardless of where the consumer may be filling up to have a vape session. When a pen vaporizer makes it easy for anyone to be able to afford and use, it is a popular part of technology. Vape pens will be able to filter out all the carcinogens while providing the user with 85% more potency which gives you stronger doses making it a cost-effective tool by using less materials. Vape pens are durable and small and the more premium ones are built to be able to withstand accidental drops and operate for hours to be able to make it through anyone’s work day. These most important part is the fact that vape pens will save your life.

Fact #2 – Vape Pens Save You Money And Save You From Damaging Your Body

How Do Vape Pens Save You Money?

      • Since Vape pens increase potency between 70% – 90% (Depending on the quality of the Vape pen) You end up saving lots of money. The amount of money you save all depends on the type of substance you’re vaping. The most popular money saver is herbal vape pens. The more quality building within the internal components of the vape pen means the more potency will take affect. Spending $100 – $200 on the most premium vape pens ever made means you’re reaching potency enhancers of over 85% – 90%, this means you save a ton of money.

How Does Vape Pens Prevent Respiratory Damage?

      • When you combust your materials, or any type of smoke you inhale, you’re inhaling carbon-monoxide, tobacco, miscellaneous chemicals and poisons and alternate chemicals that aren’t as deadly. Since vape pens never combust your materials, you aren’t inhaling any type of smoke. Vape pens generate a gas once the vaporization point has reached which is about 220 degrees Fahrenheit. When this happens, the active ingredient is turned into the gas that you inhale which is called vapor.

Pen vaporizers known as vape pens are very easy to carry around. The average pen vaporizer is only about 6.5″ in height and .5 – 1″ in diameter. This means the vape pen can be taken anywhere. Since vape pens never produce smoke, it is safe and odorless to smoke inside a house, restaurant, movie theater, work office or anywhere that’s indoors. No fumes or smoke will ever alter the smell of furniture, rooms, clothes or yourself. Because pen vaporizers are very small, you can travel with them without having any alterations at the airport. Charging is very convenient as most vape pens utilize USB cords and car chargers to where you’ll never run out of batteries.

Vape pens are really cost effective and aren’t as costly as portable vaporizers or desktop vaporizers. This means you can invest in a premium vape pen. It is always good to buy the best pen vaporizer. It’ll pay itself back within the first month of regular use. It is useless to dabble around and buy cheap pen vaporizers for the sole fact that they’re a big waste of money and virtually useless when it comes down to the important factors.

Buying A Vapor Pen

Fact #3 – The Average Person Invests $122.50 on a Vape Pen

There are plenty of good options to go with when you want to buy a vapor pen. It all depends on if you’re use the vapor pens for; waxes, herbs or oils. When you intend to use a pen vaporizer for oils or e-Juice, the cost of a premium vape pen goes down since most oil vape pens are very cheap. If you’re going that route, it is best to invest in a box mod and top mod to get the most out of vaping which is advanced vaping. If you’re worried about size, you can always invest in a heavy duty battery. A Battery that carries between 1000 – 2200mAH is very powerful to handle any type of top mod unit. A Top mod consists of advanced components such as a large pyrex glass tank built in with a titanium coil with small cotton wicks to soak in the e-Juice. Top Mods usually have adjustable air-flow switches on them to further advance the density of the vaporization sessions. You want to make sure you always get one that you can take a part as most top mods have 510 universal threading to where you can adjust and customize with different parts.


Pen vaporizers really help the user save plenty of money. They’re really beneficial for anyone trying to do something by improving the overall quality of life to eliminate any type of damage that’s dealt to the users body, mind that happens when you smoke your materials. Vaporizers are extremely valuable and will improve the consumers the overall quality of life and save thousands of dollars a year and in some cases a month depending on the type of material vaped and how often and how much the user consumes each month.


Temperature Control Importance Of Vape Pens

you want to look for a vape pen that has a temperature range that is based of LED indicator lights if you’re looking to buy a cheap vape pen for sale that would cost no more than $50, it would have just one set temperature which you better hope it works best for what you put in. A vape pen like this isn’t going to have any advanced features, especially for temperature control. This is why you need commit to a good investment. Paying for something that costs more is going to give you a lot more room to choose from some of the best vape pens in the world. These would be pen vaporizers that have technology to where you can precisely control the temperature setting to the exact temperature you intend on vaping with. OLED screens give you a digital read out of the actual metric of the current temperature and may have additional metrics such as a puff counter, battery level light, or a timer if it is a more expensive vape pen. LCD screens are more of for show which are used with the most expensive types of vape pens. These units will read everything out on the screen in color and use picture frames instead of a digital read out like the LED screen.

Fact #4 – Vape Pens now have Super Technology Called Blue-tooth

      • considered a smart vaporizer. Blue-tooth technology allows the user to remotely control the vaporizer using an Android or Apple Device. The features for blue-tooth technology are endless. Some noteable features are the fact you can see the type of material loaded without even knowing what’s in the chamber, see how much puffs you have left, precise display of the battery level, vaporizer usage tips which optimize your experience while showing you ways to improve vaping. There’s plenty of other amazing Blue-tooth features but those are some we can share with you that are worthy of writing about.
What Types Of Vape Pens Are Available?


      • They make everything now, herbal vape pens, wax vape pens, oil vape pens. So you use the herbal pens with any type of dry material – dry leaf, dry aromatherapy blends, MJ herb, flower. Wax vaporizers are used for any type of waxy concentrate – wax shatter, hash oils, thin oils, low viscosity and high viscosity. Oil vaporizers meant for liquids – oil vaping, thin oils, tobacco oils, nicotine oil vape, E-juice, very liquidy oils


How Does Each Type Of Vape Pen Work On Each Material?

      • Each type of vape pen is going to work different for each vaporizer. There’s so many different substances that it is always a good idea for the consumer to have a good idea of the type of intended vaporization material is going to be used. You will want to pick the vape pen capable of being able to fulfill all your needs. The goal is to get everything organized to being able to use just one vaporizer with multiple attachment options however, in some cases you may need to purchase an additional vaporizer to be able to fulfill the typw of materials you’re vaping.

Everything You Need To Know About How Vape Pens Work For Each Material

How Vape Pens Work With Herbs


      • When you’re trying to use a vaporizer pen that works for herbal blend material, you need to make sure you know the average quality of your substance. This means that if you’re vaping amazing quality dry material, you will want something to control the temperature.


Buying an advanced vape pen is going to be the best solution if you’re vaping premium grade medical herbs to be able to control a session. This means you can look into buying something with an LED indicator temperature range system or even get something more advanced to where it has an LCD or OLED screen to get a precise temperature reading as well as battery level. Your budget is going to be around $95 – $180 for a good herbal vape pen like the Atmos Boss. It would be best to have a budget the would accommodate a quality herbal stash to give a better way of vaping. Herbal chamber needs to be ceramic glass as well as the vapor path needs to be lined with ceramic glass. When you pay upwards of over $100, the design is going to be stainless steel exterior or a strong and durable polycarbonate material outer shell with a aluminum or steel exterior behind it and the inside will be lined with ceramic glass. The herbal chamber will be complete ceramic glass with a ceramic filter about where the mouthpiece is to prevent unwanted debris to be inhaled. Below that will be the heating core which features a convection heating system that operates by having hot air rise to blow against the herbs which will precisely extract the botanical which is the active ingredient to where the vapor gas is formed and directly drawn (inhaled). Learn all about Heating systems of conduction vaporization vs convection vaporization vs induction vaporization.

Best Vape Pen For Herbs


Vaporite Platinum Plus

PRICE: $179.95 $159.95

      • Compatible with Herbs, Wax & E-Juice
      • Intelligent Tank Detection
      • Automatic Power Adjustment
      • Carbon Fiber Sub-Ohm battery with 0.5 – 3.0 Coil Resistance Range
      • Temperatures From – 365°F to 440°F
      • 40 Watt Maximum Output
      • Induction Heating Technology
      • Pass-Through Charging
      • Blue-Tooth Enabled
      • Smart Vaporizer Technology
      • Universal Threading For Modifications

If you’re looking for the best vape pen for herbs and you have no budget (YOU WANT THE BEST!) there are many options. Our pick for you is going to be the most expensive Vape pen they make. You should read the Atmos Orbit Review before thinking about spending nearly $200 on  The Vaporite Platinum Plus Vaporizer which  is by far the choice you need to make and also the most expensive. It has all the technology you need in a quality pen vaporizer.The Vaporite Platinum Plus provides a 3-in 1 functionality mode to vaporize every substance as it uses an induction heating system which doesn’t require any metal within the heating mechanisms but instead uses magnetic force which is hidden away within the battery and not located in the atomizer like convection and conduction heating. It uses an intelligent tank detection system that allows you to be able to see how much e-Juices are in the tank. It has an automatic power adjustment to enable powerful heating or lighten up the power which preserves battery. It has a Carbon-fiber sub-ohm battery material that provides anti-slip grip and perfect diameter for the best hold. The ohms amps up the atomizers from the powerful 40 watt maximum battery output. It uses blue-tooth and within the smart-phone app that you remotely control the Vaporite Platinum Plus from you can set precise temperature controls from 365°F – 440°F within 1 degree increments. If you don’t have a smart phone or don’t want to use the bluetooth you have 3 temperature levels; Blue (365°F), Yellow (420°F) and Purple (440°F). The battery has 2200maH of power providing over 6 hours of continuous use before you need to charge as the indicator light or the app will tell you when it is low. Best part is the pass-through charging so connecting the charger, you’ll still be able to use the Vaporite Platinum Plus vaporizer. All glass components for the atomizers are built out of thick pyrex glass with ceramic lining within the herbal chamber. This is by far the most advanced pen vaporizer in the world.


Best Cheap Vape Pen For Herbs

      • Most people cannot afford to buy the best vape pen for herbs but can afford the solution we provide for best cheap vape pen for herbs. The Atmos Jump is your answer, it is a vape pen that only costs $60 and is perfect for anyone that still wants a quality performance even though it doesn’t have all the features that are possible. That’s fine if you’re a simple vape pen user, as long as you get pure, potent and flavorful vapor.


Atmos Jump 

PRICE: $59

      • First Vape Pen Under $75 To Use Convection Heating
      • Glass-on-Glass Vapor Path
      • Carbon-Fiber Design
      • Small & Discreet (5 inches tall)
      • 1200mAH Battery
      • .5 Grams of Room In Herbal Chamber


The Atmos Jump is by far one of the best cheap vape pens in the world. It is the first pen vaporizer to use convection heating which enabled for many new clientele that can now afford high quality vaporization methods for pen vaping herbal substances. This is a unique vape pen and can hold .5 grams of materials within the herbal chamber as it is completely a glass-on-glass vaporization experience with a glass vaping path. The small & Discreet carbon-fiber design makes it durable and easy to slide right into your pocket. This is the answer to anyone’s prayer’s for a quality cheap vape pen under $100 that anyone can afford and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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How Vape Pens Work With Waxes?


  • Vape pens work by having a vape pen that has an atomizer system that has an open coil. The conduction heating fires up the coil to a temperature that may be adjustable as the wax substances rests on top of the hot coil. It will melt down at vaporization point and turned into the gas a the user inhales directly from the mouthpiece.

Typically you want the wax pen vaporizer kit you buy to feature different types of atomizers to be able to handle all the various type of viscosity waxy substances. Since there are many forms of wax materials, having more than one atomizer is important. More advanced vape kit systems will be able to have variable voltage settings along with temperature settings that you can adjust if you want to have an advanced vaporization system.  The majority of wax pen vaporizers char the material to where it tastes burnt and has no flavor. The good wax pens will have low temperature settings with Slo-Burn technology. Typically will need to invest $65 – $150 for a high quality wax pen vaporizer.

Best Vape Pen For Waxes


Dr. Dabber Aura Review

PRICE: $89.95

      • Discreet, Small & Portable Design & Body
      • Satin Quality Matte Finish (Sleek & Smooth Feeling)
      • High Quality Ceramic Rock MouthPiece (Anti-Heat Absorption)
      • Magnetic Snap-Technology (Magnetic Threading on all attachments)
      • Variable Voltage Battery (Can change the amount of volts from 110 – 220v)
      • 3 Different Temperature Settings
      • SloBurn Technology (For Optimal Taste)
      • 3 Different Atomizers To Choose From

With many amazing high quality features, the Dr. Dabber Aura Wax Vape pen is by far the leading vaporizer pen in the world. It is the most popular and the best and has unique features not seen in any other wax vape pens like the Snap-Tech threading making the change of attachments speedy fast and extra tight. Charging also has this features so there’s no finding the outlet to your vaporizer from the cord. Durable matte satin finish that gives it the smooth feel and sleek look. The Dr. Dabber Aura has 3 different types of atomizers featuring all titanium metal within these atomizers for durable lengthy use. The Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish uses Quartz Crystal glass a unique type of glass that won’t absorb heat to keep even heating balance between the atomizer dish and the overall heating which preserves battery life. The Dual Quartz Rod-Quartz Dish is for lower viscosity oils giving you the specific type of vaping pattern you need for more liquid oils from your waxy form. Dual Ceramic Rod With quartz dish is for higher viscosity concentrates such as hash oils and are glass heating rods that don’t use any metals at all which may alter the flavor. Ceramic halo heater is for wax shatter, a glass heating base where you rest wax form on top and it converts this vape pen into a dab pen. With three different temperature settings the Dr. Dabber Aura vape pen is by far the most versatile vape pen in the world for you to use at the price of only $89.95 .


How Oil Vape Pens Work?


Oil vape pen kits always come with a tank and a wick system so the oil absorbs within the wick to the heating element. The cheap oil kits will have 3 two inch long silica wicks that drop from above an o-ring attached from below the mouthpiece inside the atomizer system that binds with a rubber holder to seal off from leakage . when the Atomizer is filled with oil, the wicks will levy the oil up and then down to the heating element which will provide you with vapor when you inhale.

Advanced Oil pen vaporizer kits use what is called a top mod or a top tank. This is an advanced and mega wide in diameter tank that will hold copious amounts of oils or E-juices comparing to the standard clearomizer or atomizer tank. The Top mods are able to come apart in different pieces so you can replace the parts once they get old, overused or dirty with residue. The tanks hold lots of oil, over 400mL and higher and use stainless steel or titanium coils with cotton or high quality Japanese cotton. Once these coils burn out, you can replaces them for less than $2 a piece.  Being able to handle a top mod requires a battery that has at least 900mAH of power or higher.  The amount of Ohms these tanks can pull through makes it to where the pulls are very thick allowing the user to make large vapor clouds unregulating the potential for use. You’ll look to invest from $29 – $69 for a high quality top mod and $19 – $49 for a powerful battery.

Best Cheap Vape Pen For Oil

Stok R2 Series Vape PEn For Oils
StoK R2 Series
        • Large Oil Capacity
        • Adjustable air-Flow System
        • Microprocessor Within The Battery (Smart Energy Use Compatibility)
        • On-The-Go Loading Capability
        • Dual Ceramic Glass Heating Element (Gives Intense Quick Heating With Flavorful Taste)
        • Transparent Poly-Carbonate Tank (Allows You To See How Much Liquids You Have Left)
        • Small Height Dimension of 5.5″ Tall
        • Can Be Used With Thick Waxy Oils


The SToK R2 Series Pen is an oil pen with many new features over the old series version that puts this oil vaporizer on the map for one of the best cheap oil vape pens to own. It has a strong and durable 650mAH lithium ion battery which has a micro-processor chip inside it making it a smart oil pen vaporizer which will detect the amount of battery usage it needs to be able to give you the most optimal vaping sessions to extend the time and allows you to know when to charge the battery. With universal 510 threading, the smart battery can be used with other attachments making it open and prone to usage with other atomizers. The vaporizer has rapid-fire technology which give it the instant vaporization you need for the longest vaping sessions possible. It is a vety small oil pen vaporizer which will easily fit inside your pocket giving you all the time you need to be able to use it on-the-go with longer battery life of over 5 hours of use and pass-through charging with charging time of under 1 hour. with dimensions of 2.5 x 6.5 x 2 in this makes it a discreet oil pen vaporizer to use and carry around in your pocket without leaking. The atomizer is a deep dish atomizer for other materials besides oils such as waxy oil, liquid oils, hash oils and e-juice oils visit IEC’s best e-juice vape pen page where they list popular e-juice vapes designed just for nicotine”. It is the perfect oil based vape pen in the world and the best cheap oil vape pen to have in your arsenal of vape pens.

      • Fact #5 – Best Vape Pen Guide Ever!

      • by far the best vape pen information no other site has ever even come close to sharing with the world. We’ve also given you the best vape pens to use for herbs, waxes and oils.

Invest In A Vape Pen Now!

It is your time to make the decision and invest in a vape pen right now! There’s no point in waiting for you to think and dwindle on your choice to invest in a pen vaporizer device. You know that vape pens save you lots of money and filter out 95% of all carcinogens as you won’t ever have to inhale deadly carbon-monoxide or smoke toxins again. Whether it is for herbs, waxes or oils, if you’re smoking it, you’re poisoning your cardiovascular system and hurting your mouth, lungs, throat, and staining your teeth. Just look at all the yellow tar on your fingers after a day of toking. Even if you use a bong or pipe, you’re inhaling butane and burning the leaf material, steams, alternate chemicals and burning away the active ingredient. It is a complete waste to be smoking and vaping is 100% safe, stronger as it makes your high last longer with the fact you increase potency by over 85 – 95% depending on how advanced your vape pen is.

We’ve given you the best for herbs (Vaporite Platinum Plus), The best Cheap Herb Vape Pen (Atmos Jump), The best for waxes (Dr. Dabber Aura), and the best for oils (SToK R2 Series). These are also suggestions to what the best are based off of world-wide reviews, personal use and customer reviews. There is many other pen vaporizers that are the best as you can click here –> to Buy The Best Vape Pens in the world, name brand, made quality devices.


Best Online Store To Buy Vape Pens?

    • is the best place to buy your vape pens online. Quick same day deliver with 2 day free shipping on all orders within the USA. Lowest prices and 100% authentic name brand vape pens from dozens of the best name brand companies in the world. Quality branded products with the best 24/7 customer support 365 days out of the year. Bring your business to the company that goes the extra mile and always has an expert on stand-by chat or over the phone any time of the day!

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