Sativa vs Indica

Sativa vs indica effects

There are many types of cannabis medicine you can use. Cannabis has become one of the most used medicines in the world for many different medical conditions it has valued to work for. Cancer patients find cannabis great to use as it balances the mind and spirirt. There are even health reports that cannabis helps treat depression. It will help you eat if you have a medical condition that makes it hard for you to eat. Ultimately, there are three types of marijuana strands that provide various roles for many different conditions. Hybrid strand is simply Sativa and indica mixed together.

Sativa vs. Indica

There is over 150 specifies and 10 genera included cannabaceae family. The species that include cannabis have the active medicinal chemical known as Tetrahydrocannabinol which is commonly called THC. Marijuana plants grow the active ingredient called THC. Plants in the cannabis genus are referred to as hemp plants. Hemp is widely commercialized to serve many purposes including clothing, fuel, etcetera.
There are two different types of medical cannabis compounds; Sativa and indica. Each chemical compound plays a vital role for medicinal purposes. Sativa and indica include many different medical forms to treat various medical conditions.

What is Cannabis Sativa

Typically cannabis sativa slowly grows tall, it takes longer period of time for the plant to mature, and typically has thin leaves with a light green color, sometimes dark green. In cooler environments the bud flowering may turn purple which is why the name Purple haze has emerged into a premium grade cannabis medical flower. Sativa plants have a sweet, fruity smell and generally smoke mild. The hemp is used for a source of fiber for rope and other products.

Effects of Cannabis Sativa

Sativa has unqiue medical purposes with energetic, uplifting mood effects. The effects from sativa is mostly cerebral. Giving the user optimism, pain relif, well-being feeling providinf a positive experience.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis indica is a short, bushy plant that grows from 3-6 feet tall and leaves are short, broad fingers. The leaves look dark green and can have a tinge of purple. Once maturity level is met, the flower will be significantly more purple in color. The smell is typically stinky, or skunky smell, usually a strong odor. Smoke form indica is usually thick and more prone to make the user cough when inhaled.

Indica and sativa trees and leaves

Effects From Indica Cannabis

Indica medicinal purposes are described to have a good body buzz, for relaxation, stress relief with overall sense of calm and serenity. Indica typically give the user body pain relief and is a good sleep inductor for those with insomnia. Really potent indica can cause “Couch Lock” effect, enabling the patient to sit still and enjoy the overall experience for long periods of time.

Knowing the differences of Sativa and Indica strands are very important for those that want to learn everything about the two strands since they both provide different medical benefits. This is the best way to learn, is reading online for more information about indica and sativa strands.

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