Remember The Haze Portable Vaporizer

Remember back in 2014, the Haze Dual Vaporizer was one of the best marketed, best selling, most popular portable vaporizer in the world. They literally sold off the shelves of every retailer everywhere including sites like who found out the hard way and had to have dozens of backorders for people to get their hands on this unit. The Haze dual vaporizer is a unique portable vaporizer, it has two chambers. One chamber can hold your herbs as the other can hold concentrates, the best part you can taste simultaneously the amount of botanical you are inhaling when using the Hazxe vaporizer. This is an herbal vaporizer by nature, but it can be your favorite tool for concentrates as the Haze uses four different temperature settings and two 18650 AA lithium ion batteries.
Below is the haze dual charger that chargers your 18650 batteries. It only takes 90 minutes to fully charge your haze vaporizer.

When it comes down to buying a high quality premium vaporizer like the Haze, this is something you want to make sure you get all the correct parts for. This vaporizer is made out of stainless steel and inside the structure is ceramic glass making for the glass-on-glass approach. This is the perfect vaporizer to smoke weed with and ever you can vaporize candy edibles to be able to taste a flavored taste. The Haze will always be the premium vaporizer that everyone will go to when it comes down to buying a new vaporizer online, there’s nothing that can compare to the dual performance for the Haze vaporizer as it can reach temperatures of over 420 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want a premium portable vaporizer, it is the Haze vaporizer that you will want to buy online as it comes with a 10 year warranty that will protect your investment.

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