Atmos Boss Review

Atmos Boss Vaporizer Review

[tabs][tab title=”Atmos Boss Information”] ensures all our customers that you’re buying the Atmos Boss from an authorized Atmos Retailer[/tab] [tab title=”Atmos Boss Warranty”]When you buy the Atmos Boss, you get a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty[/tab] [tab title=”Atmos Boss Accessories”]Atmos Boss Comes With : 1 Atmos Boss Battery, 1 rubber mouthpiece, 1 cleaning brush, 1 Atmos Boss heating chamber, 1 packing tool, 1 wall charger, 1 USB cord, 1 user manual, 1 atomizer[/tab][/tabs]

The Atmos Boss is the infamous vapor pen that was released early July of 2014 and quickly became the best selling and topical vape pen to own in the industry if you vape on the go with dry herbs and want a quality vapor pen that won’t reach your herbs to the point of combustion as the Atmos boss is a small piece of anodized titanium metal ready to take on any abuse and impact from vaporization as the Boss has quickly became the best selling herbal vape pen in the world. If you’re an Atmos fan and an avid vapor enthusiast, the Boss quickly needs to become the go-to vaporizer for your personal needs and vaping quality on the go has become so much easier. The boss has many good features most vape pens wish to have, you can load lots of herbal materials (up to a gram) inside the compact oven herb chamber. Cleaning is a breeze as the Boss does not leave behind gooey residue since it literally shreds all botanical into clear, flavorful and very potent vapor. If you need a new vaporizer, for under $100, the Atmos Boss should be the one you purchase. furthermore, you can take a look at the Atmos Boss amazing features.

Atmos Boss Features

With the Atmos Boss being a one-of-a-kind type of herbal vape pen, as it has the ceramic heating to give you a metalic-free vaporization experience, there’s just plenty of great things to say about the Boss. It takes around 45 seconds for you to heat up your herbs as the hot air will blow up to the botanical and extract it into vapor. That’s the true thing about the Boss, it uses convection vaporization technology to move the hot-air up to the botanical extracting into a pure and potent vaping session every single time. Its anodized technology on the outer shell which it is made out of titanium alloy, has a unique laser etched design making the Boss a very appealing vape pen to own. It has an anti-scratch outer shell that lets you strongly grip the outside with much different type of heating used than many other vaporizers. The inner core heating is powered by turbulent air-flow chambers that allow the inside to get hotter than its single pre-set temperature specifically from the users draw or inhalation. This is what makes the Atmos Boss a very appealing vaporizer, it won’t ever reach your herbs to the point of combustion. The Atmos boss makes this the best user-experience with its one-touch single button activation, it takes 5 quick taps to unlock the safety and begin using the Atmos Boss. This is what makes it a desirable vaporizer, its unique design and great looks along with a very upscale usage and quality of vaping make the Atmos Boss one of the best vapor pens in the world.

When you go out to look for a vaporizer online, you need to always make sure you’re buying from an authorized Atmos retailer like , we are a website and company that will always give you truthful information and knowing that the Atmos Boss is a true convection vaporizer is very important because knowing this information, you’ll easily be allowed to choose and pick the types of vaporizers that’ll benefit you greatly which is why we carry the best vaporizers for sale cause we want each customer to know and understand that these vaporizers are here to help save your health and your life. Being on point with Atmos boss vaporizer information is vital and important for us to give you an even better experience. You Can read our other article that includes the Atmos Boss Vapor Pens

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