3 Best Herb Vaporizers To Save You Money

Vaping is the number 1 type of method you use to medicate yourself. There’s a reason why the herbal vaporizer industry is e fast growing and number 1 accessory for vaporizers in the world. A $5.5 Billion, the best and fastest growing industry in the world. The vaping industry is growing very fast and by 2020 it will be $25 billion industry making it the fastest type of vaporizer growth in the world. With the vast amount of diversified marketing done to each brand and line of vaporizers coming out, it is the effort, time and passion involved to work over 14 hours every single day. When you put all the time into what you’re doing, the payoff is intense and very rewarding. It is a fact, it is very easy to sell a herbal vaporizer. These are real medical devices meaning, when patients actually need one to live, the hospital will provide the patient with a medical vaporizer which the patient based off his diagnosis, will vaporize the correct botanical depending on what the patient needs as it could be herb, eucalyptus or any type of aromatic therapy types of substances.

Why Buy A Vaporizer?

This is a question Im asked a lot, especially owning a vaporizer business and infact, this is my favorite question to answer. You buy a reason to save your life. When you’re eliminating all carcinogens and increasing your potency of over 85%, and doing this, you save lots of money. We did our own custom case study and used 3 different vaporizers. We used 3 of the best vaporizers , 1 in each vaporizer category of; portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, and pen vaporizers. When we finished they all had similar results, some had better results than others, but overall we got the base metrics you need to be able to get an average savings and cost to upkeep your habit of smoking herb but now you’re shielded under the safety of vaping.

The Volcano, The Atmos Boss & The Haze Vaporizer 3.0. We will start with the Volcano Vaporizer, when we used it we obviously used the balloon bag vaporization system. We had bought the Volcano digital vaporizer, a vaporizer to effectively vape with forced air blowing vapor into a balloon and you take the balloon, pinch the secure, air-tight & locked valve to unlock the valve for pulling out the vapor built up in the balloon making it an easy method of inhaling vapori as you can now gain control over the amount of vapor you want to use and can actually store the vapor in the balloon bag for over 8 hours as the vapor will be perfectly intact. After vaping an ounce we ended up saving 9.5 grams of the ounce we vaped. Normally we roll a joint up of 1 gram per joint an we feel fully medicated, we loaded up 1 gram in the volcano and got medicated after just 1 long rip of inhaling the bag and felt fully medicated. We were able to get medicated off that 1 gram for over 1 week as opposed to smoking an ounce in 7 days so our calculations ended up being 1 gram of savings from the Volcano and on top of that we were able to filter out 99% of all carcinogens so the health factor is in place and we saved money on future dr visits we just didn’t know how to calculate that.

The Atmos Boss was a little different, we ended up loading .3 grams of herbs inside the herbal chamber and got ripped off just 4 pulls. We ended up vaping all the materials so we saved around 4 grams per ounce which is 60$ in savings which is still good, after 2 ounces we’d pay itself back and that only takes 1 month to do. On top of that we ended up filtering out 95% of all carcinogens and was able to save money on future Doctor visit by not inhaling harmful carcinogens. We liked the Boss because it was very discreet to take it out in public which is a big benefit when we love to travel, it is our on-the-go backup to the Haze and is a very high quality pen vaporizer.

The Haze vaporizer we ended up saving 8.5 grams when we vaped a full ounce, it took us a little under 5 months to vaporize 1 ounce since we load .2 grams of herbal materials which 2 pulls get us well enough as opposed to 1 gram in a joint, same results. That bowl in the haze lasted 3 days so it took 5 days to vaporize 1 gram so we had a little bit longer than 5 months and we ended up vaping the entire ounce. The Haze was a very good vaporize and overall our favorite since we like traveling with the Haze vaporizer. We can also vaporize oils and waxes but didn’t do that with the ounce we tested we just kept it all herbal but enjoyed the strong and flavorful hits.

After experimenting with all three vaporizers we were amazed at all the benefits vaporizers do for the person. You save around 8 gram an ounce and save money on future Doctor visits. Vaporizers filter out 95% of all carcinogens so you’re not damaging your respiratory system. It is safe to say that herb vaporizers actually do save you money and we were glad to be able to test the 3 best vaporizers in the world.

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